Why patient satisfaction is the key to a successful OB/GYN practice in 2022

Why patient satisfaction is the key to a successful OB/GYN practice in 2022

Whether your practice is still in its infancy or is well-established and trying to expand, you have come to the right place to learn about growing a thriving OB/GYN practice! In 2022 more than ever, medical practices all over the nation are seeing a direct correlation between patient satisfaction and the success of their practices. 

As a dedicated doctor, you know that your patients’ needs are your top priority. However, prioritizing your patients’ medical needs may not always translate to an exceptional patient experience that gives your patients satisfaction with your services. To have a successful obstetrics and gynecology practice, you will need to have a comprehensive understanding of what OB/GYN patients are looking for in 2022. 

Patient Education

You probably already know that in the information age, patients have access to more information about their health than ever before and are looking for answers about their health. But as you may also know, having access to information does not equate to having accurate knowledge. This puts you in a great position as an expert on women’s health to provide accurate, personalized information! You may educate patients in a number of ways:

  • Answer questions patiently and thoroughly during appointments and over the phone when possible
  • Explain clearly all relevant options during appointments to ensure patients feel empowered and in control of their health
  • Provide informative content on common patient concerns (birth control options, pregnancy concerns, etc) on your website and in your office
  • Address current concerns or share quick health tips on your social media profiles

Little Things Matter

When was the last time you stepped back to view your practice through the eyes of a patient? From the first time a patient calls your practice to the time they leave, they are faced with multiple staff members, wait times, strange medical equipment, new information, and more. While OB/GYN appointments are routine for you, they may feel invasive and put your patients in a very vulnerable position. For OB/GYN patients perhaps more than any others, the little things matter a lot. How well are your staff, nurses, and doctors trained to help patients feel that they are in a safe space? How long do your patients have to wait for their appointment? Do they feel exposed in flimsy paper disposable gowns or uncomfortable with cold, hard metal or plastic equipment? Do they get face-to-face time to discuss their concerns with the doctor? 

Making a few simple changes to your practice to ensure a comfortable, efficient visit can do wonders for your patients’ experience! Stay tuned to learn more about improving your practice.