Why your OB/GYN practice needs local SEO to help patients find you

Why your OB/GYN practice needs local SEO to help patients find you

When was the last time you searched for a service near you? Most people perform searches like this on Google all the time, and the chances are that many of your prospective patients are out there right out doing a similar search for your services. Do you know how likely they are to find you in their search?

What is local SEO?

Local SEO (search engine optimization) involves using the right strategies to make sure your practice shows up when someone is searching for your services in their area. By making sure that your practice’s website and other online profiles tick all the boxes for Google’s local search algorithms, local SEO can help your website to rank higher in search results.

Why does your OB/GYN practice need local SEO?

In today’s digital landscape, search engine optimization is essential to any growing OB/GYN practice. While patients may still find your practice through word of mouth or other references today, the reality is that most people are looking for medical and other services near them online. If your practice’s website is not optimized to show up on the first page of a prospective patient’s search results, that patient will most likely end up going somewhere else.

How to get more patients with local SEO

SEO strategies are always changing, but here are a few your OB/GYN practice should consider using.

  • Consistent information – Make sure your practice’s name, address, phone number, and doctor’s name are consistent across all your digital content and pages. 
  • Targeted keywords – The content on your pages needs to include common keywords prospective patients in your area may be using so that Google knows to connect them with your website. For example, you may need to include content on “birth control options near me” or “best gyno near me” to connect with patients searching for those terms.
  • Smart links – Effective digital content involves links. Within your own website, it is important to have internal links to other relevant content on your website to help patients navigate to what they’re looking for quickly. Your practice’s local SEO will also benefit from external links from other local businesses or events, so get involved in your community and get your website featured on other reputable local sites.