Episode 18

Breast Implant Related Health Issues in Women and Recent FDA Safety Updates

by OBGYN Business Institute | March 2, 2023

In this episode, our guest, Robyn Towt, Joined Naren Arulrajah to discuss the severe health risks associated with breast implants. She talks about her experience with breast implants and the journey that led her to become a patient advocate.

Robyn sheds light on the complications that can arise from breast implants and the importance of educating medical practitioners and patients about these risks. She also talks about the FDA’s recent updates on breast implant safety and the need for better communication to reach a wider audience. For those seeking more information, Robyn provides valuable resources for finding support and medical assistance. Tune in to learn more about the risks associated with breast implants and how you can protect yourself or your patients.

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Key highlights

  • 00:00:48 – Introduction to Robyn Towt
  • 00:04:10 – What is breast implant illness?
  • 00:07:42 – Discussion on health complications associated with breast implants.
  • 00:11:47 – As an OB-GYN practitioner, what key points should I keep in mind regarding breast implant related health issues in women?
  • 00:18:10 – Where can practitioners and patients access resources on breast implants and related complications?
  • 00:19:05 – Overview of Terry Diaz and her involvement with breast implant support groups.

Background of Robyn

Co-Founder GPAC Global Patient Advocacy Coalition / Women’s Health Speaker / Health Research Columnist / HIPAA Certified / Legislative Affairs / Arizona Association of Patient Advocates

Robyn is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed in 2017, had a double mastectomy and reconstruction with Mentor Silicone breast implants which caused an array of debilitating health issues. Robyn had explant surgery after just four months of having implants and her symptoms completely resolved. This experience led her to become an advocate for raising awareness about breast implant safety.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/robyn-towt-784aa4177

Website: www.gpacunited.org

Naren Arulrajah

Host Naren Arulrajah

Naren Arulrajah is a “visionary entrepreneur” who believes that success is a by-product of our dedication to serving others.

Naren is the CEO and Founder of Ekwa Marketing (www.ekwa.com). Ekwa is a 200-person team and a leader in helping doctors dominate Google and digital marketing. Ekwa exclusively serves doctors in private practice. Ekwa’s clients include ob-gyns, dentists, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and med-spa owners.

He is most proud of the fact that 95% of Ekwa’s clients stay with Ekwa year after year.

Naren has personally consulted with doctors who own and operate OB-GYN practices across the US and helped them scale from startups to multi-million dollar practices. His digital marketing expertise and entrepreneurial experience are appreciated by doctors worldwide.

Naren consistently focuses on giving back much value to the OB-GYN and medical community, which has been instrumental in his own success. In that spirit, along with other key opinion leaders, he founded OB-GYN Business Institute (www.obgynbusinessinstitute.com) to help doctors find personal, professional, and financial success.

Naren is a consultant, speaker, author, and innovator. AceTech Ontario honored Naren’s accomplishments with its 2014 Leadership Initiative Award.


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