Episode 5

How Patients Choose a Doctor in 2022 and Beyond?

by OBGYN Business Institute | December 1, 2022

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Marketing is an essential part of any business. Whether reaching and growing your patients or raising awareness of your OBGYN services, Marketing will keep you on top of the game if executed well.

In this episode, Naren & Dr. Mikio discusses patients’ behavior when looking for an OB-GYN service provider & Naren shares a few tips on how doctors can engage more with patients using their website.

Naren reveals the role of Ekwa Marketing with OB-GYNs all across the USA. If you’d like to discover more about how Ekwa Marketing can enable and grow your practice, you can book a free marketing strategy meeting here!


Key highlights

Background of Naren Arulrajah 

Naren Arulrajah built the OBGYN Business academy out of the passion & experience he had working with healthcare professionals. He had helped healthcare professionals get the most benefit out of their practices. Naren Arulrajah, founder & CEO of www.ekwa.com, has over 16+ years of experience helping practices dominate Digital Marketing. To get in touch with or know more about Naren Arulrajah, click here.

Visit www.ekwa.com/msm/  to book a Free Digital Marketing Strategy Meeting to get your practice going in the right direction.


  • 00:00:50 – Introduction to the episode.
  • 00:03:00 – Three questions patients try to answer when they see you on google!
  • 00:03:47 – How are doctors using tech for patient engagement?
  • 00:06:10 – Building trust with patients using your website in 90 seconds!
  • 00:12:35 – Dr. Robert Cialdini’s Persuasion Principle
  • 00:16:10 – Is your site engaging enough?
  • 00:18:52 – What we covered today
  • 00:20:54 – Evaluate your OB-GYN practice for free with OB-GYN Business Institute


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