Episode 15

How to Expand Services in Your Ob/Gyn Practice With Ultrasound

by OBGYN Business Institute | February 9, 2023

In this episode of the OBGYN Business Podcast, Naren, Arulrajah interviews Kerry Faulk, Fetal Echo Sonographer and Clinical Instructor at Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute. They discuss the topic of expanding services in an OB-GYN practice through ultrasound. Kerry explains the necessary equipment, such as ultrasound machines and probes, and the importance of having a registered sonographer as part of the team. They also explore the ideal time to allocate for OB-GYN ultrasounds and emphasize the importance of quality over quantity. This episode provides practical and valuable insights for OB-GYN practices looking to expand their services through ultrasound.

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Key highlights

  • 00:00:47 – Introduction to Kerry Faulk
  • 00:02:34 – What equipment is needed to provide ultrasound services in an OBGYN office?
  • 00:04:24 – Is it important to have a registered sonographer as part of the team to expand into ultrasound services?
  • 00:05:54 – We’ll answer the question on everyone’s mind: what should be the ideal time allotted for OB-GYN ultrasounds?
  • 00:07:17 – Reimbursement for in office OB-GYN ultrasounds
  • 00:08:05 – Benefits of providing ultrasound services in-house for patients and practice owners
  • 00:09:54 – Providing ultrasound services can increase your revenue
  • 00:11:32 – The benefits far outweigh the cost.
  • 00:12:27 – Latest technological advancements in OB-GYN ultrasound and how it provides more diagnostic information
  • 00:13:37 – Final thoughts on the importance of ultrasound services in an OB-GYN office

Background of Kerry Faulk

Kerry Faulk, BS, R.T.(S), RDMS, RDCS

OB/GYN Sonographer

Highly knowledgeable and dedicated OB/GYN and Fetal Echo Sonographer with extensive experience in Women’s Health, Prenatal Care, AI, Clinical Education, and Consulting. Recognized for exceptional diagnostic accuracy, patient care, and leadership skills. Skilled in remote ultrasound simulation, process improvement, and EMR. A proven mentor, educator, and advocate for sonographers and patients. Accomplished in implementing best practices and technologies to improve patient outcomes, including electronic reporting, online communication, education platforms, and updated protocols. Experienced in training and reviewing images for quality and compliance. In-demand by physicians for short-staffed locations to provide support.

Connect with Kerry Faulk

Email: kerry.r.faulk@gmail.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kerry-r-faulk
Instagram: www.instagram.com/kerryfaulk_/?hl=en

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Naren Arulrajah

Naren Arulrajah is a “visionary entrepreneur” who believes that success is a by-product of our dedication to serving others. 

Naren is the CEO and Founder of Ekwa Marketing (www.ekwa.com). Ekwa is a 200-person team and a leader in helping doctors dominate Google and digital marketing. Ekwa exclusively serves doctors in private practice. Ekwa’s clients include ob-gyns, dentists, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and med-spa owners.

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Naren consistently focuses on giving back much value to the OB-GYN and medical community, which has been instrumental in his own success. In that spirit, along with other key opinion leaders, he founded OB-GYN Business Institute (www.obgynbusinessinstitute.com) to help doctors find personal, professional, and financial success.

Naren is a consultant, speaker, author, and innovator. AceTech Ontario honored Naren’s accomplishments with its 2014 Leadership Initiative Award.


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